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Category: , Duration: 2:24 , 1,248 Views. DAYTRIP TO BANGOR C F C G C Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Bangor F C A beautiful day we had lunch on the way D7 G And all for under a pound you know C F Then on the way back I cuddled with beth C G C And we opened a bottle of cider F A7 D G C Singing a few of our favourite songs as the wheels went round Do you recall the thrill of it all As we walked along the seafront Then on the sand we heard a brass band That made a tidily tum ta ra ra Elsie and me had one cup of tea Then we took a paddling boat out Thrashing away as we sailed round the bay As the wheels went around Wasn't it nice eating chocolate ice As we strolled around the fun fair Then we ate eels on the big Ferris wheel As we sailed above the ground but then We had to be quick 'cause Elsie felt sick And we had to find somewhere to take her I said to her lad, what made her feel bad Was the wheel going around Can't you still hear the noise on the pier As we took a breath of sea air Having a go at every side show We passed along the way, we had Our fortunes told, when it turned a bit cold And a go on the tombola It was such a surprise 'cause I won a prize When the wheel went around Elsie and me, we finished our tea And we said good bye to the seaside Jumped on the bus, Flo said to us Oh isn't it a shame to go Wouldn't it be grand to have cash on demand And to live like this for always Oh it makes me feel ill when I think of the mill And the wheels going around COVER SONG , Auld Lang Syne, New World Anthem Source: YouTube, Published by Thomascow Mc Mullan on 2012-12-28 02:09:03

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